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Personal Journey
"I believe in every wounded woman there is a superwoman waiting to be set free."

Hello my name is Mandy Venus, I would like to share with you some of my personal experiences I went through on my own personal womb journey. 

I will share with you some of the amazing discovery's I learnt about myself through my womb and how it changed my life.

I grew up in a very dysfunctional family full of violence and abuse on every level. My father was a sexually abusive alcoholic, my mother was a very angry abusive violent woman. I have been violated, sexually abused, invaded, beaten, bullied judge and criticized right up to my early thirties. I battled many Addictions and Body Dysmorphia, and entered into many abusive relationships. Feeling unworthy and not good enough, seeking approval and validation from everyone but myself.

I was the odd or weird kid at school where they would make fun of me, cos I was socially inept. My education was a none starter as I was bored and rebellious with the whole school system. It was like being in prison I ate my way through school.

At 27 I got married to a wounded masculine man with Alcohol problems, we split after 5 years. That was the last long term relationship I had. I gave up on love and dedicated my life to my work and friendships.

At 28 I had my first year at counseling, age 32 after many years off feeling disgusted with my womb to the point it repulsed me, It was not a part of me i chose to associate with. I decided to make peace with my womb after many years of self-abuse.

I shed so many tears that day as all my painful memories came flooding back to me to be healed. Once I made peace with my womb, my relationship to myself became more compassionate, forgiving and loving.

Over the years I learnt to love and accept my womb but not connect to it. I never realised how a dysfunctional relationship with my womb had a huge impact on my creativity, self-expression, communication and core feminine principles as a woman and human being.

For years I was living in the distorted feminine, but didn't actually realise it until i started to join the dots to my behavioral patterns, life choices and my relationship to my body.

My womb showed me Every man I ever had an intimate or none intimate connection with every experience and life lesson shared, was right there in the womb. I didn't want to connect to my feminine power because i thought it was weak, i felt more stronger in my masculine energy. Where i could protect myself and feel safe.

I held a huge amount of personal rejection, judgment and distrust off men and myself,. Which led me to isolate and hide myself from the world. I called it being private but in truth I was petrified off opening myself up and allowing myself to be loved and feel vulnerable.

Sexuality, femininity, feeling safe in my body, the aging process challenging family and love relationships, was all signs of a disassociated dysfunctional womb. Some of you may relate to some of the above challenges or all of the above. All are very common challenges that woman face every day.

Through lots off realizations and wake up calls, I was able to heal a lot off old wounded patterns, by making peace with me, my experiences and all the souls I ever connected with that helped me to grow and fall in love with myself everyday.

Reconnecting and embracing my core feminine power, has slowly allowed me to be more accepting off myself. I know in my heart I will love again very soon, next time I enter a relationship it will be with more Wisdom, maturity and balance. My womb is the essence of what being a woman is all about.

In 2016 I joined a medicine circle it was here that I started to connect with my womb power hosted by a powerful and gifted medicine woman called Diana Odette Beaulieu. I then went on to train as a womb facilitator and practioner, under the same lady.

Heart and Womb workshops are powerful and life changing, it's the central power and galactic core essence off a woman's creation. Are you ready to step into your power and claim back what's rightfully yours and yours alone! From personal experience I did and I haven't looked back since.

I believe in every wounded woman there is a superwoman waiting to be set free. When a woman embraces her sacred feminine, she is then able to create space for her partner to embrace his sacred masculine. 💖

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