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Soul Vibrational Readings

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What is a Soul Vibrational Reading?

Through practice I have heightened my ability to connect with your energies, allowing me to read and sense your soul vibrations. As all information is held within you your soul contracts and soul agreements I can help you reach answers you might be seeking.


I also use the tarot as a tool to help me cipher information if it is not easily available at the time of the reading, I interact, sense and communicate with many aspects of your multidimensional layers within your soul. While in constant connection with spirit guides, they help me to filter and translate information that I am reading from you.


Where does this information come from?


Information given to you during the reading is not plucked out of the air randomly. Loved ones, angels, your guides or your soul, are always reading the information held in your soul's vibration; with your permission, they give you the information through me while in service as a channel.


There is no magic involved, consciousness is energy and all energy is an intelligent life force. In life force information is held as energy.


By the understanding of Quantum physics starting with the atom will help you to understand the basic building blocks of the universe.


Whether you realise it or not you all are sensing feeling and communicating with other peoples energy and mother earth all the time. Your physical interaction is very limited to what you sense and feel on a daily basis. Most people seek readings when they need guidance or looking for direction in life, I don’t see readings as predictions I see them as chance to seek your opportunities and goals and explore your potential in life. This tends to happen when you arrive at a cross roads in your life which is all about transitions and changes. A chance to check in with you your soul journey aided by your guides and loved ones where you are given information, guidance, direction and healing in all the different aspects of your life.


All the answers you seek in life are within you, an experienced reader will be able to pick up your vibrations translate the information and give you information about you, your journey, your connections, challenges and experiences. All of this cannot be done with out soul permission if the soul doesn’t consent, information will not be given. Readings most of the time are very healing as its like a having a psychic therapy session between you your soul and your guides. Readings are always insightful depending on how open you are to receive information without expectations. And a lot depends on your own perceptions and awareness at the time of the reading.


What will happen during the reading?


The moment you sit I am communicating, sensing, and feeling your soul's energy on all levels. Reading your heart, mind, body, inner child, ego and the experiences in all the different areas of your life. As I am doing this the guides start the filtering and translation process that is relayed to me and I then pass the information to you. Please remember all information I receive is given by you, your soul is the instigator as the soul is asking you by doing this to pay attention to certain areas in your life that desire change, processing, healing, closure, opening new doors and most importantly moving forward in your journey.


If you have been given information that you have yet to experience it is your souls way of preparing you for what is to come and asking you to prepare yourself of the coming events. What you do with the information is up to you by your choosing, if you don’t choose it wont happen you do have free will. If you do want the information given you to happen the opportunity will present itself as long as you don’t delay or get in your way.


During the reading you can ask any question you want, your session can help to bring clarity and confirmation of heart and mind, readings have nothing to do with fortune telling or predictions. It is about guidance and direction taking a moment to check in with yourself and align with your truth and journey. You are taking a moment to consult with your soul and your guides and loved ones asking where you are going and what action to take in the present, opening up to connecting to opportunities and possibilities relating to love, health, career and new soul connections that are going to share your journey. It's also a great way to get to know and understand yourself more on a multidimensional level not just as a human being and to feel closer to yourself, your guides, and your loved ones. As they are always present and always with you.

All readings can be done by Skype, phone and one to one in person.Times vary, depending how long you require, from 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

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