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Soul Journey Coaching

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What is Soul Journey Coaching?

Soul Journey Coaching is about you and what you have chosen to experience in this lifetime.


This therapy helps you to look at what your soul has chosen to experience with family, friends, lovers, colleagues, love, health and career. It helps you view your choices, decisions, what you think and feel from many different perspectives. These perspectives involve your heart, your mind, your body, your soul, inner child, ego and the many levels and layers of your unlimited consciousness.


Allowing to release, recharge and see your learnings, in turn changing your reality into the best it can be. 

What is its purpose?

You will be reconnecting with your heart and your emotions. 

Healing and understanding about yourself in the soul journey sessions will help you grow and evolve as a human being spiritually and emotionally.

You have chosen to be here to learn​. Soul Journey is the pathway of knowledge, knowing, connecting and embracing the heart and the emotions like you never have before.

What to expect from the sessions?

In the sessions, I will be communicating and tuning into you, your soul, heart, mind, body, ego, inner child, soul contracts, soul agreements, other lives you have lived and your soul guides. As I am a multidimensional therapist reading and communicating with your vibrations and frequencies in every session. It is called the soul's journey because you will be looking at your self and the experiences you have chosen in this timeline, and expressing and communicating any challenges, blocks, pain, trauma in areas of your life that you have found difficult to comprehend, overcome, heal and release.


You will also look at ways you can help move your energy forward into the desired outcome of living life more in balance and harmony with yourself and experiencing the joy of your creation and looking at how you can become more creative with your skills abilities through your imagination.


You will learn how to interact, learn, listen and communicate with your heart, emotions, feelings, mind, body, soul, ego, inner child and soul spirit guides, every aspect of you is intelligent and infinite you are on a journey of self-discovery, love, healing and empowerment.

How does the heart play a role?

Your heart is the gateway to your soul, it is designed never to lie to you or misguide you and is in perfect alignment to your intuition.


The heart is a very powerful healing aspect and its often not aknowledged and/or misunderstood, as so much emphasis has been placed on the power of the mind.


Most of us since our time of birth have separated the mind from the heart, the majority of people living on this planet function more in the head because it feels familiar to them and they believe the heart not to be as intelligent and powerful as the mind.

How does intuition participate in this process?

Intuition is that all-knowing part of you, imagine being connected to a super Sat Nav or super broadband that is connected to the superhighway of consciousness that holds unlimited knowledge, knowing and potential. You will know this as the soul always in alignment with its own truth vibrations of infinite consciousness, that’s intuition.

In this therapy, we will explore techniques to connect with this knowledge.

About the therapy

This not a conventional therapy by any stretch of the imagination, you will go through many shifts and changes and will be looking at yourself experiences and challenges so you can start to heal and release your emotional blockages that have created delays and struggles on your journey.


I will show you how to communicate, connect and listen to your emotions, feelings, and heart through techniques I have developed with the soul guides that I have been using in sessions with my clients for over 20 years.


I will show you how to harness your own infinite unlimited resources you have within you, bringing more focus with daily practice and realization that you are a reservoir an oasis of untapped abundant universal cosmic energy. As you are creators and your whole existence is based on your creation and what you have created. 

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