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Sacred Feminine

Heart and Womb Awakening Workshop

Take a moment, breath and ask yourself:

Am I living my full potential as a woman?

Do I judge and criticise myself all the time?

Am I being true to myself?

Do I make choices and decisions that please others? 

Do I constantly seek approval from others?

Do I feel safe confident in my body ?

Do I keep manifesting and experiencing unhealthy abusive challenging relationships?

Do I feel overwhelmed and fearful of the power of my emotions and thoughts?

Am I giving myself every opportunity to manifest and create what I truly desire within my Heart, Womb and Soul? 



If you have answered yes to all or most of the above questions chances are you are out of balance and disconnected from your core feminine principles and womb space.



On January 09th 2019 we will embark on a journey of transformation.


Every Wednesday two-hour sessions across 11 weeks

at the crystal center in Ibiza ETAMANEL.


- morning group from 11:00 -13:00

- evening group from 17:30 -19:30 

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About he workshop


Welcome, if you are a woman who wishes to dive deeper into self exploration, connect with the feminine vibration of wisdom, intuition, love and self empowerment. You can join our Women's Circle to awaken and take the journey of exploring your womb's energy.


Connect to your true authentic self, through the unconditional heart energy and the power of the Sacred Feminine.

The ancient ones, our ancestors, knew and understood, that the power of women lies in her Heart and Womb.


Many cultures across the world honoured and revered the goddess, the mother, the chrone, the wise woman, shaman and priestess for their gifts of healing, nurturing and intuition.


The power and sacred knowledge of the womb has been long forgotten and lays dormant in many woman across the globe. 

Join us to awaken this power and be your true best self. 



 Venus has given me the courage to step into my murky waters to clean, unlock and remember my core feminine principles.


Mandy has helped me clear a lot of emotional baggage from my past and helped to create a different perspective of my self and life through self love, she has amazing insight and can see right into my soul. Its hard to hide anything from this lovely gifted lady. Bless you!!!

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Explore who really are and not who you think you are.


Dive in and immerse yourself in awakening your soul memories of being a powerful woman, accompanied by women just like you, who seek to realign and connect to the power of their sacred feminine Heart & Womb.

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The Programm

Week 1

Week 1

Orientation introduction, meet and greet.

Soul journey questions and answers.

The power of breathing.

Week 2

Week 2

Awakening your three feminine energy centres:

Pineal Gland the gift of sight and knowledge.

Heart the gift of love and compassion.

Womb the gift of wisdom and creation. 


Week 3

Exploring and listening to your intuitive Heart & Womb. 

Sense and feel your connection to your Womb & Heart, opening up a conscious awareness of your memories and experiences held within. 


Week 4

Sacred Boundaries:

Restoring your personal boundaries at the sacred level of your womb space clearing two types of boundary

violating relationship pattern Leaking Womb.


Week 5

Clearing distorted masculine imprints release old repetitive traumatizing abusive experiences and patterns from the wounded masculine from the heart & Womb space. Rebalancing and healing the pure sacred masculine.


Week 6

Healing co-dependent bonds, energetic emotional entanglements. Understand how they are experienced in your relationships. Release yourself from the energetic hooks and ties that bind you to relationship patterns of your past and present. Learn how to experience yourself in your own unique essence.

Intermediate 6 week workshop

Week One

Week 1

Healing the Ancestral line invite your feminine ancestors to heal held wounds and traumas in the womb. Ancestors offer us guidance through experience,

 they know what it's like to walk the earth. 

As wisdom keepers of the earth they are able

to impart wisdom and knowledge to where you feel challenges in life.


Week 2

Immersion and diving deep into the Black Light.

Surrendering toxic emotions, trauma and abuse

letting go of old outdated experiences and information, that no longer serve you.

Journeying with and embracing the black light, the core essence and power of your Galatic cosmic womb.


Week 3

Inner Sacred Woman Connection:

Connecting to your true Authentic Self claiming back your medicine power of the wise woman, shaman, mystic, priestess, mother, healer & artist.

Many of you would have been persecuted for these amazing gifts, now is your time to fully embrace your gifts and own your medicine power.


Week 4

Heart Womb Connection:

Understanding Heart intelligence and the connection to your Womb. The combined intuition and wisdom of the heart & womb and how you can receive yes and no answers using your womb like a pendulum.


Week 5

Re-connecting to the womb off your mother where you was first conceived, connecting to memories and information that was downloaded to you before you were born. 

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