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The Full Story

Heart Hub Circle 

Join Mandy & Charlotte to explore the depths of  your heart, where you will be joining a warm & friendly community of like minded souls that will support you on the journey of developing & exploring yourself, your inner knowing & truly connecting to your heart space.

Mandy & Charlotte together  guide you into your heart space to explore, learn & grow from within.

What is your Heartspace? 

Home really is where the heart is. It is the centre & gateway to soul intelligence, your life force & your essence. It is an all knowing space of consciousness  & it never lies or misguides you in any shape or form. 

It is the centre of awareness, & your connection to the divine, when heart & mind synchronise together in perfect harmony, you will connect to a language known as intuition & wisdom.

The pineal gland , also know as the 'eye of the heart' is the all knowing & all seeing essence deep within us all. When you activate this it creates insight & Inner vision through the gift of clairvoyance. The heart works in harmony with the womb which is the soul source of creation  where all seeds of life are planted in thought, word & deed & is referred to as the

Three Feminine Centres - mind. heart & womb. 

Sandy Beach

Why ?

To live life to the fullest, your sacred heart space holds the keys to the highest soul intelligence. Learn to love & listen to your heart, connect to source energy & understand how this amazing space holds all you need within for a full life, filled with joy, love & understanding.

When you are able to sit in the heart for 20- 30 minutes, you are able to create a state known as heart coherence.  When you are aligned in heart coherence you enter the Zero point energy field which is known as the space of potentiality - where you are able to create & manifest all things, you can problem solve, create changes, develop new skills & abilities, & tap into your inner oracle of inner knowing & truth. Your soul guides, your family of light, your loved ones become very accessible to you when you are in heart coherence. Heart coherence creates a balance of heart, body, mind & soul known as the alignment process.  

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